Interface Prestashop to OPENERP

As an e-commerce, it is often hard to link and create a synchronisation between your ERP and your own solution of online buying and selling. Their use is often complex since communication between the two systems is often not intended. At Eggs Solutions, we have the solution to this annoying problem. Our teams are here to create bridges between PrestaShop and OpenERP.

When you manage an e-commerce, it is often hard to manage everything at the same time: stocks, orders, e-marketing, communication…. Especially when your information and selling systems do not communicate as they aren’t synchronized. It is in these conditions that it is possible to lose precious time trying to manage your different softwares.To boost productivity and income is to mutualize your softwares by linking them together.
At Eggs Solutions, we are specialists at developping ERP solutions for companies. French partner of ‘OpenERP, Eggs Solutions therefore adapts the OpenERP solution to your organization. Meanwhile, our teams also install online buying and selling solutions, tailored  to your e-marketing needs.
But more than these installs, Eggs Solution has an added value that can mean a considerable time gain for your everyday managing. Indeed, our teams can synchronize these two solutions so that they can work together. With the OpenERP/Prestashop link created by Eggs Solutions, you only need to access one interface to manage the entirety of your e-commerce.
From the customer’s order to the shipping, to the management of your online products, you will manage all the parameters of your e-commerce from only one system integrating both ERP and webshop.
Eggs Solution offers in exclusivity this service of linking and sharing of information between OpenERP and Prestashop. You will no longer need to worry about transferring and adapting your data between your two solutions: everything is automated!